City and Entertainment Guide
Weather/What  To Wear

December to February:
During the daytime the  climate is very temperate and you can wear light clothes. You may need some  warm clothes at night, temperatures start going down after 6 PM.

March to June:
Light clothes, there is  normally a bit of wind.

July to September: The rainy season begins, bring rain clothes  along and/or umbrellas, etc. The weather is in no way cold in these months,  quite the contrary, temperatures up to around 90 – 93ºF on some days,  especially in August and September. Some seasons it will only rain at night,  staying humid during the day.

Mid-October to beginning of December:
The  climate is temperate, no rain, very little breeze and quiet, light summer clothes are recommended. At night, you may need long sleeve shirts or blouses when going out.

 The peso is the national currency although U.S. dollars are  widely accepted in most businesses throughout Puerto Vallarta. Major credit  cards are also accepted in most establishments. Banks offer currency exchange  during business hours. Universal ATM’s are widely available for cash  withdrawals at the current exchange rate. Visitors can access ATM’s in  several systems such as VISA, MC,
Cirrus and PLUS. Many ATM’s have menus in  English. The ATM’s only dispense pesos.

Money Exchange:
You can change money at a convenient casa de cambio (Money Exchange  House). These are money exchangers that are open long hours and provide quick service. Although dollars are widely accepted in resort areas (and are often preferred), we recommend using pesos during your stay. Hotels also exchange  dollars but these normally give you the lowest rates, use them as a last 
resort. You will find better rates at the exchange houses, and the best rates  at banks. To exchange money in the banks you can only do it between 9 AM and 1PM (even though the banks are open longer). Expect a slightly lower rate for  travelers checks. Commissions are not generally charged on money exchanges. 
While foreign currencies other than U.S. dollars are sometimes accepted – particularly at major resorts—we recommend you use pesos during your stay. We also recommend exchanging $20-$30 into pesos before leaving home. This way  you will arrive in Mexico with pesos for cab fare to you hotel and for  tipping.  Also, carry $20 to $30 dollars in one-dollar bills—they are great  for tipping
and are quite appreciated. 


Offers 24-hour emergency  services. Some bilingual staff, accepts most medical insurance programs for  emergency services. Located at the entrance to Mex 200, at the south end of  town (across from the Pemex gas station).  2230444 – 2230656 )
Directions from Villa: Exit Villa, go down the road, take  a right at
the highway, go 100 yards, turn right on first street (Manuel M.  Dieguez St.)  Entrance is on the right. They have emergency services on the  first floor, regular doctor visits on the second floor. English-speaking  doctors on  hand.)

Located on Badillo St, which is one more block down  from the Hospital.  Directions from Villa: Exit Villa, go down the road, take  a right at the  highway, go 120 yards, turn right on second street (Badillo  St.) Located on left hand side of the street.

You can find taxis all over the place and at any time of the  day or night. Just step outside your hotel or onto any street curb and wave  as one approaches. Over the last years the Taxi Syndicate has worked towards having  established rates for all areas of Puerto Vallarta. In most cases the driver  will give you the  correct fare. However ask before getting in the cab and not  at the end of the
trip when it’s a little more difficult to negotiate. You  may also want to ask the people at your hotel what it should cost to go to  your destination; they should be well aware of the rates. Always ask how much  the trip is going to cost before you get on the taxi.

 If  you are close to where you’re going, only acouple of miles,  it shouldn’t be  more than 20 or 30 pesos ($2 or $3), maybe a little more if  you have to go further. The taxis are really very convenient and cheap to  use, and you shouldn’t have any problems with prices as long as you always  ask how much before getting in. If you are going to a restaurant or  something, do not let  the taxi driver talk you into going to some place he is  suggesting rather than
where you want to go, he’s probably taking you to his  buddy’s restaurant or one he is receiving commission from. 

Public Holidays 
January  1st – New Year 

February 5th – Anniversary of the Constitution 

March 21st – Benito Juárez Birthday 

May 1st – Labour day 

September 16th – Mexico’s Independence Day 

November 20th – Day of the Mexican Revolution 

December 1st (each 6 years) – Elect President is empowered. 

December 25th – Christmas. 

Federal and Local Law can determine holidays due to local  elections: in Puerto Vallarta November 12th.

Horseback Riding
The hilly, nearby jungle and long stretches of shoreline has  made Horseback riding a favorite activity since Liz and Dick made “Night  of the Iguana”. A variety of tours are available featuring visits to  mango orchards, cattle ranches and  farmland, small rural villages, and a river  where clients can swim. On Sundays, 
horseback rides include a trip to a  typical Mexican rodeo. Longer trips, up to  five days on horseback are offered  for small groups into the Sierra Madre mountains and with visits to sites  including the old mining town of San Sebastian del Oeste.

Rancho el Ojo de Agua – is the oldest establishment of  its kind in Puerto Vallarta and runs horseback riding tours to the  countryside and the mountains. The ranch offers quality horses with either  English or Western saddles, daily jumping  lessons and experienced guides.  Excursions include sunset rides and deluxe
five-day rides to the Soledad  campsite in the Sierra Madre. Telephone 52  (3)-224-8240.

More horseback riding operators include:

Backcountry Tours  Tel. 52 (3)-222-0386 

Hidden Trails Adventure Tel. 52 (3)-224-0114 

Natura Expeditions Tel. 52 (3)-224-0410 

Rancho El Charro Tel. 52 (3)-224-0114 

Rancho la Morena Tel. 52 (3)-224-9880 

Rancho Manolo Tel. 52 (3)-222-3694 

Rancho Indio Tel. 52 (3)-222-5137 

Golf  is increasingly becoming a way of life in Puerto Vallarta.  The region offers five challenging courses, and several others are currently  under development.
Here are three of them…

Marina Vallarta Golf Club
 The Marina Vallarta Golf Club is a beautiful exclusive  professional golf course par 71, 6700 yards, 18 hole designed by Joe Finger,  in Marina Vallarta, just south of the airport, located between the beach on  one side and the bay and marina on the other, make it an enjoyable experience  with the breeze of the ocean and the
natural beauty of the Mexican tropic.  Facilities include a lovely clubhouse,  golf carts, caddies, a pro-shop,  dining, driving range, putting green, pro-service, golf lessons, course  snackcart and showers. Many hotel guests at  the Hacienda Cora Hotel, Sheraton  Buganvilias, Velas Vallarta, Plaza Las Glorias, Flamingo Vallarta Marine  Resort, Camino Real, Marriott CasaMagna,
Allegro Resort and Westin Regina  Resort have access to the club facilities.  Rates aprox. Green fee $120  dollars, cart included. Golf club rental $20 dollars.
 Telephone 52 (3)-221-0073 or 52 (3)-221-0545  

Flamingo Beach and Golf Resort
Located in the north part of the bay, about eight miles north of  the airport, this picturesque 18-hole, 71-par course includes a driving  range, putting green, snack bar, golf lessons and tennis courts. It boasts a  handsome and stucco clubhouse and pro-shop overlooking rolling hills that  fade toward the ocean.  It’s a public course and anyone is able to play, they  do not take reservations
it is a first come-first served system. They have a  bus service starting at  7:30am from the bus stop in front Hotel Sheraton  Buganvilias (), to confirm the  hours it is better if you call when you  arrive. Rates approx. Green fee $75  dollars Cart not included, Golf club  rental $20 dollars.  Tel. 52 (3)-298-0606 or 52 (3)-221-2525 or 52-329-71515

Four Seasons Golf Course
 This private course at the new Punta de Mita Four Seasons Resort  at the northernmost  tip of Banderas Bay, features a challenging 19th hole on  an island just off its  beach golf course setting. Tel. 52 (3)-291-6000.

Scuba and snorkeling operators

Chico’s  Dive Shop
 Tel. +52 (3) 222 1895
 Fax: +52 (3) 222 1897
 It’s affiliated with PADI  and is one of the most specialized places in town  for scuba and snorkeling trips and instruction. 

Ecotours de México  Tel. +52 (3) 222 6606

Princesa Bay Tours & Dive Center  Tel. +52 (3) 224 4777

Twin Dolphins Tel/Fax: +52 (3) 221-2492

Vallarta Adventures Tel. +52 (3) 221 0657 
                                       +52 (3) 221 0658
                                Fax: +52 (3) 221 2845 

Deep Sea Fishing Operators

Chemas  Tel. 52 (3) 224 9549 

Club de Pesca   Tel. 52 (3) 223 1665

Dos  Amigos  Tel. 52 (3) 221 0920

Fantasia Maritima  Tel. 52 (3) 221 0116

Macarelas Sport Fishing Tel. 0443 2943248 or 0443 2941923 

Mr. Marlin Sport Fishing Center  Tel. 52 (3) 222 0890

Yacht  Sylvester Fishing Charters
  Tel. 52 (3) 292 4456

The Puerto Vallarta Fishing Company  Tel. 52 (3) 222 1863

Nightclubs and Bars

Fine restaurants that offer live music include
Texas Grill,  an upscale  café-cantina on Isla Río Cuale with live music nightly from 8 – 11  p.m.; and La  Dolce Vita, on the waterfront, with live jazz.

Other leading nightspots for live music include
The Jazz  HouseClub Roxy for blues, and J & B for salsa and  other tropical rhythms.

 Top restaurants with popular late-night bar areas include Café  des Artistes, with an open-air terrace bar; and Chef Roger, a  local favorite has a new location in “Restaurant Row” with romantic  live trio music in the  evenings.

 Among  the top Nightlife spots in Puerto Vallarta are Carlos  O’Brians and Señor Frogs. O’Brians has a restaurant, bar and is  very active right on  the malecón. Frogs includes live music.

Viejo  Vallarta
features local bands playing  the best Ska, Reggae, Punk, Rock and Blues.  Located across the street from  the Sea Horse Statue on the Malecón. Open daily with live music until 4 AM.

Nightclubs  and Discos:

Andale Bar:
A fun, noisy video bar, popular with locals and  visitors. Tel.

Cactus Club:
Popular disco with the younger set and locals,  good variety of music and light show. 10 p.m. – 4 a.m. Tel. 222-6037.

Carlos O’Brian’s:
Loud music, always packed,  one of the town’s favorite night spots. Tel 222-1444.

Krystal Vallarta Hotel. The latest music, great  sound and light show,
outstanding decor. Vallarta’s top night spot. Always  crowded, lots of fun. From  10 p.m. Tel. 224-6990.

Club  Roxy:
Live jazz, blues and pop rock for  thirty-somethings. Happy hour 6 – 9 p.m.  dancing until 1 a.m. Tel. 223-2404.

Hard Rock Café:
Live rock ‘n’ roll nightly.  Very popular. From 10 p.m. Tel.

Jokes “R” Us:
Above the No Name Café, a  comedy club sometimes featuring comedians from  Saturday Night Live and The  Tonight Show. Reservations needed. Tel. 222-6019.

A lively restaurant serving Mexican and  International food to the accompaniment of live Latin American folk music.  From noon. Tel. 222-4748.

A deli by day, a disco by night, with music ranging from techno  to reggae. The  crowd vies for space with artist Bustamante’s caged  “animals” A hot spot with a great view of the Malecón and bay. 9  p.m. – 5 a.m. Bar opens at 12:00 noon.
Disco from 10 p.m. until 5:00 a.m.  Tel. 222-4945.

Other Fun Stuff

Mexican Fiesta Night:
Many of the major hotels  offer weekly Mexican Fiestas with a Mexican buffet and colorful regional folk  music, dancing and entertainment

La Iguana Tourist Center:
Dinner show with folk  dancers, lasso-spinning charros, ranchero singers,  “harmless”  cockfighting, and piñatas. Popular for more than 30 years.  Reservations need.  Tel. 222-0105.

Sheraton Buganvilias Hotel: Thursday
night. Includes  fireworks, harmless cockfights. Tickets are available in the lobby. The hotel  also features a Sunday brunch with Mariachi music.

Krystal  Vallarta Hotel:
The Krystal holds a Fiesta  three times a week in season. Those who attend often  receive a free entry to  Christine’s, the hotel’s popular disco. The hotel also stages a Fiesta Brava  every Thursday in season. Where guests can participate in  a do-it-yourself  bullfight (small bulls) in the hotel’s own bullring.

 There are also good Fiestas at the Camino Real and Buenaventura  on  Fridays.

 Hot Air Balloon Tour Champagne Sunrise and Sunset tours: They  rise everyday, up to  3,000 – 5,000 feet. They have a couple of different  packages to choose from.
  Downtown Puerto Vallarta
  Phone: +52 (3) 223 2002

Artist’s Studio Tours
are offered during the high  season. Check with Galería Pacifico for details.  Telephone: 523-222-1982.

are held Wednesdays at 5 p.m. in the Puerto  Vallarta Bullring. November through April.

City Tours:
Puerto Vallarta city tours in air-conditioned  minibuses are offered daily and last five hours including a stop for lunch. A  jungle tour leaves twice daily. These can be arranged at the hotel travel  desk upon arrival.

Le Kliff restaurant   http://www.lekliff.com

 This perfectly poised giant palapa plays host daily to the bay’s  most spectacular sunsets and some of the best seafood in town. It also  provides ringside seats for watching gray whales and giant manta rays during  the months of December through April. Founded
in 1983 by the Guzman Gutierrez Family, Le Kliff has  reached international fame not only for its cuisine, but for its beauty and  architecture as well. 

Whale  watching

Banderas  Bay is graced with numerous marine mammals that either  visit or live in it, but the most spectacular visitor is the humpback whale  which arrives yearly between  December and April to reproduce in these waters  and to have their calves. This
turns whale watching into a prime activity on  the bay, since these cetaceans  impress everyone with their spectacular  acrobatics, not to mention the heartwarming and inspiring experience of  seeing a baby whale swim alongside its  mother, making this a truly  unforgettable experience. Each  winter season a growing number of travelers enjoy  excursions to view the  migrating humpback whales in Banderas Bay. Local  eco-tour operator Open Air
 has undertaken a photo study of  the whales, identifying more  than 100 individuals by distinct markings on  their tails. Reserve with Open Air by calling or faxing +52-3-222 3310; or  with Vallarta Adventures + 52-3-221 0657 or +52-3-221 0658.

Activities,  Tours and  Excursions in Puerto Vallarta

1)  Chico’s Dive Shop http://www.chicosdiveshop.com

 Scuba Diving and Snorkel in Puerto Vallarta. Attentive crew and  certified dive masters lead outstanding dive trips, unlimited snorkeling  expeditions, as well as customized tours. Chico’s Dive Shop in Puerto  Vallarta, Mexico, is a 5 star instructor development center and member of the  PADI Resort International Association in the area and fully authorized PADI  Snorkel Center. They employ
the most qualified PADI scuba diving instructors,  and can save you invaluable vacation time by providing one-on-one instruction  from a professional. They provide a qualified divemaster and an observer for  snorkeling parties. Only Chico’s Dive Shop uses specially-designed,  shallow-draught dive boats that take you right into the center of things – no  taxing 300 yard swim to and from the
dive site. 

They give you the opportunity of a lifetime in their tours (Day  Off Bay Cruise): The chance to see, up close (Nov. to March), Humpback Whales  – these 45 ton leviathans of the deep – leap skyward in an incredible  expression of exuberance  and energy. It is an experience you will never  forget. They will also show you
where the dolphins play; and where, like  stealth bombers, the giant mantas cruise at the edge of the Pacific, in the  unique ecological environment known as the Marietas Islands.

E-mail:  chicos@chicosdiveshop.com

2)  Splash Vallartahttp://www.splashvallarta.com

Splash Puerto & Nuevo Vallarta, a world class water park  that offers a full day of fun for the entire family. Splash’s thrill rides,  attractions and quality service give visitors a wide variety of entertainment  for fun loving people of all ages  011-52-322-297-0708  E-mail  info@splashvallarta.com

Tepic-Puerto Vallarta Highway Km 155 at the entrance to Nuevo  Vallarta

3)  Amigo Surf Mexicohttp://www.surfvallarta.com
 Our goal is to take the gamble and guesswork out of surfing  travel, providing you  with the best service and value for your travel dollar.
E-mail: amigosurfmexico@aol.com

4) Vallarta Actionhttp://www.vallarta-action.com
 Excitement and adventure with Raptor Tours a sand rail dune  buggy adventure through the Sierra Madre and Jump the Pacific Bungee, a  thrilling 120 foot drop. 

Contact:  tours@vallarta-action.com 011-52-322-228-0670
 5  miles south of downtown Km 9.2, Highway 200

5)  Ecotours de Mexico http://www.ecotours-mex.com/index_english.html
 Bird and Whalewatching, hiking, turtle camps, kayak, snorkel and  scuba diving.  Interested in offering a different option for traveling around  Mexico. 
 Contact:  ecoturm@prodigy.net.mx

6) Royale Tourshttp://www.royale-tours.com
We are dedicated vacation planners. A source on everything you  need to enjoy Puerto Vallarta. We offer a comprehensive range of travel and  activities services to individual travelers & special groups.   E-mail: royale@pvnet.com.mx

7) The Yolaray Charter Fishing http://yolaray.8m.com

 Spend a day deep-sea fishing on the most recent winner of the  ESPN World Billfishing Championship held in Nuevo Vallarta last December.   Contact: 

8)  The Sol http://fishingvallartasol.8m.com

 The Sol is a small boat with a big reputation. Don’t let her  size fool you, she  fishes side by side with the big boys and often outdoes  the entire Vallarta fleet.

9)  Mexico Horse Tours 

Ride off into the mountains of Puerto Vallarta. Overnight at  ranches. Also enjoy the beaches and nightlife of beautiful PV the rest of the  week.  Contact:  pvmexhorsetours@aol.com

10)  Ocean Friendly Tours http://www.oceanfriendly.com

 Daily and customized trips to discover the realm of Whales and  Dolphins on the  enormous bay off Puerto Vallarta, Mexico led by a Bilingual  Marine Scientist and specialized crew. 
Contact:  ofrey@oceanfriendly.com 011-52-322-225-3774
 Paseo  del Marlin 510- 103 Col. Aralias 

11) Wild West Jets 

 Adventure jet boat touring in the rivers near Puerto Vallarta Mexico,  is an experience
you must not miss. Touring through the jungles, crocodiles,  birds and  indigenous peoples of Mexico, the “River Safari” will  take you places you never thought possible! 1-877-494-5322 
Contact:  info@wildwestjets.com 

12)  Deep Sea Fishing, Sports Fishing 
American/Canadian owned and operated. We are past winners of PV  International Sailfish tournament.
 E-mail: sportfishingpv@hotmail.com

13)  Sierra Tours and Treks 
Our company was born of a desire to share with like-minded  lovers of horses and adventure travel the unsurpassed natural beauty of  Mexico’s Pacific coast and  highlands.
E-mail:  sierramex@hotmail.com

14) Natura Expeditions http://www.naturaexpeditions.com
 Horseback riding, Hiking or Biking makes a great day trip while  enjoying your vacation at  a tropical beach resort “Puerto  Vallarta”. 
E-mail: carlos@naturaexpeditions.com 011-52-322-224-0410

15) Ecotours de Mexico  011-52-322-  222-6606  Ignacio   
L. Vallarta 243
In Ecotours de Mexico we offer a different option for people  interested in having  a new and unique experience, that wants to learn about  the places they are visiting and that are concerned about nature  conservation.  In  order to achieve this we have a great team of naturalists  guides and expert biologists in charge of providing personal and professional  attention in each  one of our Ecotours. (Whale watching, Turtle Camps, Sea  Kayaking, Hiking, Bird  watching, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving.)

We run our tours by the premise that you can’t love what you  don’t know, and after  traveling with us you’ll definitely share our knowledge  and our love for nature!!

16)  Vallarta Tours and Travel Services 

Here at “Vallarta Tours and Travel Services” our goal  is to offer only the best  Charters / Tours in Puerto Vallarta. The main focus  is to provide all visitors  to our City with the most accurate information  about tours and activities. We act as your “On Line Concierge” for  all the different tours, activities, restaurants and general information  needed to make your vacation here in  Vallarta a special one. Champagne  Sunset Cruise, 6-9 pm. Hors d’oeuvres, tropical  drinks, champagne, great music open bar, super crew, private cruises  available Also  call for great places to eat !
1 (888) 353-8856  E-Mail: pvsail@prodigy.net.mx
Toll  Free # 1-877-301-2731 or 1-877-301-2058.  Office
located in Marina Las Palmas office # 4. In front of dock  B.

17)  http://www.CharterDreams.com 011-52-322-221-2522

Puerto Vallarta’s Cyber Cafes

Eclipse  Cyber-Café Morelos  426  Downtown Tel:  322-222 1755 
Extra  services: Free coffee, color printer, scanner, 3D games 

NetStop Morelos 671 Downtown  Tel: 322-222 3367 
Scanner,  printer, fax and phone

Puerto Net  Juárez 388 Downtown  Tel:  322-222 0204 

The  Net House  Ignacio  L. Vallarta #232  Romantic Zone 
Tel:  322-222 6953 and 322-223 1828 
PV’s  first cybercafe, secretarial and translation services

Website Cyber Cafe  Ignacio  Vallarta 179 Downtown  
Tel:  322-222 6142

Wedding  requirements in Puerto  Vallarta

Newlyweds-to-be need:

The  required paperwork for a Mexican marriage is similar to that  required in  U.S.A., with the difference being that the nearest Mexican consulate  must  validate all documents (the hotel or wedding coordinator can assist with  this).

Here are the basic requirements: 
Current passport as proof of ID and marital status.
Certified  copy of both party’s birth certificates.
Tourist card (received upon arrival in Mexico) or visa.
Names,  addresses, nationalities, occupations and ages of both  parents.
 Health certificate and blood test (hotels will help set up the  tests, which must be done in Mexico).

 Four witnesses (these can be provided by the hotel locally for  an extra fee). Will also need to provide their names, addresses, occupations,  ages and photo  ID.

 Typically, two to four days must be spent in Puerto Vallarta to  complete the requirements,  although less time may be required when a wedding  coordinator is involved. 

Art  Gallery

Manuel  Lepe http://www.manuellepe.com
 Juarez  #533 Col. 52-322-222-5515

A visit to the Gallery-Museum is sure to bring a smile to your  face and gladness to your heart. The exhibition of the whimsical original  works full of color and  charm painted by Manuel Lepe are only a part of what  awaits you. There are reproductions of Lepe’s work in the form of the finest  signed seriographs that capture the depth and color of the originals on  display. 

Posters of the paintings are an almost irresistible souvenir for  the budget traveler who wants to bring an authentic piece of Puerto Vallarta back home.